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Nov 19, It was designed as a Distressor by Empirical Labs emulation. http://nitroflare. com/view/C8CDEA/
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Like a picture is sometimes worth words, a physical model is worth samples. Every time a model is triggered, it makes a slightly different sound due to the initial conditions when the sound starts. This subtle variety can quickly give a very lifelike quality to sounds that would be tedious to recreate with sampling.

Kaivo brings some of the latest academic research in physical modeling to a patchable package for the first time.

Mathematically speaking, its finite difference time domain FDTD models let the player reach inside the instrument and affect the internal vibrations at any point. And while Kaivo is capable of making very realistic sounds, it is also designed to apply this subtlety to abstract creations. Expansive spatial sounds are possible in Kaivo, with independent panning available on grains, resonators, and body. The body is a true 2D vibrating model of a physical object, with left and right pickups that create a spatialized mix of all the frequencies flowing through it.


Every control is on a single page. The patcher in the middle makes it possible to create complex patches quickly and easily, with connections that can never obscure other controls. Kaivo combines the natural qualities of vibrating objects with a huge potential for experimentation. Both Mac and Windows versions are fully and bit compatible. System requirements: Mac versions require OS Windows versions require Windows 7 or 8.

Please check out the demos for all 3 Madrona Labs creations - I think they're amazing. Having knobs I can turn makes them even better. An Ultranova template for the wonderful Kaivo semi modular synthesizer from Madrona Labs. There are 13 pages of controls. Then controls for each step of the sequencer. Then controls going across the bottom of the VST, from left to right. An Ultranova template for the wonderful Aalto semi modular synthesizer from Madrona Labs.

There are 14 pages of controls. Main Volume knob, 4 Signal faders, next and previous patches.

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This is a full and complete control layout for Native Instruments FM8. There are 15 pages in total laid out in a very sensible and playable way. Filter Mod Page 4 - Ocs. There is a problem with the x-fader. It does not completely fade from deck2 to deck1. Some mapping are very simple just renamed parameters , others show are new templates and some show a different approach compared to those that were available on the Novation website. Here's a custom layout for Fuzzpilz' Oatmeal, a great synth.

There are 6 pages with the controls logically grouped and mapped. Covers most of the Synths controls.

Madrona Labs Aalto in a modular setup: Thursday 21

Arranged from top left of Synth. All well labelled , hope it helps someone. I made it by myself. Hope you enjoy. This is my attempt to control the bass beast from Spectrasonics. I focused on performance controls and easy editing. You need to load this for every part you want to control.

Page 1: Main page performance from left to right plus the 4 lower controls on buttons Page 2: Filter control and AMP envelope Page 3: Filter envelope and 1st Mod.

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This is a 64channel mixer automap file for the Nuendo 4 software - PC 32 bit - any suggestion - feel free - mazur oszibarack. The most needed Parameters also deeper Parameters compact on 6 pages. Logical and ergonomic layout. All well descibed. No hyrogliphes parameter description. Pages are named as well with dummy parameters no function for easy orientation in the pages Have fun with it! The four Dimension Pro Elements are mapped to pages roughly in the order they appear in the plug-in.

Most knobs and buttons are mapped plus course and fine tune. However, the zones and modulators are not mapped. If there is any zipper noise from the encoders, eg. This reduces the step size but increases the amount of encoder turning. JBM 61H is a plugin that aims to mimic the way PC speakers sounded and was programmed in games to produce all sorts of cold hard noises. This automap is constructed so that each parameter is mapped twice on both the left and the right knob groups. The slider is mapped to one parameter on the previous page.

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The left knob group tweaks the parameters with a fast approach, the right side is used for fine adjustments of the parameters. This is just a simple mapping for 2 decks in Torq 2. It also allows you to trigger the 4 effects in each deck and the kill switches on the mixer for hi med lo. Enjoy it and once I have figgered out a better update I will let all of you know. This is a straight forward Nocturn map for the Bass Station plugin, assigning most parameters from left to right as you see the plugin.

Pay attention to the buttons as well, some are redundant, but might work better than knobs in certain situations. It is divided into 5 pages, with the last being the setup page, in case you want to tweak expressive control from your keyboard controller. Complete mapping of the LennarDigital Sylenth1 synthesizer. Including the effects section and arpeggiator. Skip to main content. Subscribe to Novation News. Libraries A variety of user created mappings for Automap control of plug-in instruments and FX: Virta by Madrona Labs. I did not automate controls that are pull down menus on the VST.

Happy new year. Christian Huygen. Upload Date: January 01 Virta Jan 1