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Major security issue. To fix it please call Support for Apple immediately! Of course, the phone number indicated in this alert has nothing to do with Apple. Whoever answers it is a fraudster who will engage all of their social engineering skills to persuade you into paying for their pseudo-support.

Critical Security Warning! Your Mac is Infected…Fix

Apple will never act in such an obtrusive fashion, so you are dealing with impostors. Meanwhile, there is no real problem with Safari, except that it may have been affected by the individuals who want you to call them in the first place. This is a typical scare tactic that should be addressed in a way other than following the instructions on the counterfeit Mac System Alert. Having been redirected, the victim will see a fake message that says:. Your Mac has detected a serious attack on this system, as your IP address might be accessed from two different locations at one time.

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To add a bit of ostensible legitimacy to the fraud, the alert indicates a random-looking error code that the victim is supposed to provide after reaching the self-proclaimed support agent. Once again, do not call the threat actors and never pay for any of their junk services or software they may promote.

This is nothing but professional manipulation in action. Also, whereas the previously described scams do not necessarily involve malware running inside the Mac, this technique heavily relies on the presence of offending code inside the host. No matter what kind of the Mac System Alert you have come across, the following walkthrough will help you remove the malware that displays the popups or has been installed as a result of your actions in response to these phony notifications.

The steps listed below will walk you through the removal of this malicious application. Be sure to follow the instructions in the order specified. Select the Force Quit option. Find the rogue entry on the interface, right-click on it and select Move to Trash. If user password is required, go ahead and enter it. The system will come up with the list of the items that launch when the computer is started up. To begin with, settings for the web browser that got hit by the Mac System Alert virus should be restored to their default values.

The overview of steps for this procedure is as follows:. Select Preferences in the drop-down list.

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Find the option that says Remove All Website Data and click on it. I then said I would throw away my computer as it is already 6 years old. He then tried to convince me that my MacBook can still last another 6, 7 years. When I declined his offer, the pop up alarm came back and it looked like my whole computer was infected.

I told him I sensed a scam and I put down the phone and shut down my whole computer.

I googled this problem with my mobile phone then realized that many people in the US have been scammed. Apple does not send out such alerts and the toll number does not belong to Apple. The posts I read said this scam is to lure you to buy the fake software with your credit card and they may steal your credit card information.

So beware. This morning I opened up my MacBook Pro and everything was back to normal. Hopefully he has not stolen anything from me. Had the same issue telling me my Ipad was seriously compromised and gave me a to call. Fortunately I used common sense and calm down Google this error message and YES lots of unfortunate folks did fell for it, so i close all windows restart the system and clean browser history, Thanks no issues. My computer said that I have a virus and to call I told him I will go and fix it at the Apple Store and he said they will charge me the same amount.

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I said thank you for your help and disconnected the call. I had a similar thing happen in chrome.

Step 2: Protect your device from problem apps

It looked like it was downloading files at a record pace! Freaked me out! Thank you! Last night I turned on my Mac and just pop up screen said I got virus and my computer is locked and asked to call the number If you see one, ignore it. In addition to preventing malware, there are a number of things you can do to reduce the damage malware will do.

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