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While the chances are extremely low that a file could become corrupt on a boot disk or partition protected by PGP Whole Disk Encryption, it is possible.
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As a byproduct of its design, Symantec PGP whole disk encryption actually takes a very long time to undo. Our engineers are, unfortunately, at its mercy.

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Cody began the decryption process on a Friday morning. By the end of that day, about five percent of the disk had been decrypted.

How to create a bootable macOS High Sierra USB Install drive

Cody reviewed the results of this data recovery as soon as the operation finished. The results were very good.

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Imaging the drive had been a shot in the dark due to the encryption. But our engineers had gotten Of the We rated this PGP encrypted hard drive recovery case a 9 on our ten-point data recovery case rating scale. Insert recovery media and hit any key, then select Boot Manager to choose a new boot device to boot or recovery media. Granted, it is still protected by OS X's own password system.

That's why I changed my login keychain settings to lock when sleeping.

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That means that even if someone gains access to the system, they will not be able to use any applications that rely on login and password info stored in the OS X login keychain. That includes applications like Adium and Transmit. A common attack to gain access to encrypted hard drives is the cold boot attack where an attacker exploits a hardware vulnerability in RAM to find encryption keys, and then use those keys to decrypt the hard drive. With PGP WDE, your encrypted hard drive is safe from cold boot attacks but that doesn't mean someone can't find other data in your memory - if your memory is removable.

With soldered-in RAM, people won't be able to cool your memory with liquid nitrogen as above to retain data longer, remove it from your pre-boot authentication-secured system, put it in their computer and copy the contents of the memory before it heats up and flips all the bits. That's just a long way of me saying that the MacBook Air is fairly secure from the hardware perspective.

Even more so if you have a Solid State Drive in it. I digress, but SSDs are notoriously bad when it comes to data recovery; that is, bad for you if you legitimately want to recover your data, but good for you when your computer is in the hands of attackers.

Scripting PGP Whole Disk Encryption On A Mac (or Windows, really)

For general protection from cold boot attacks , I recommend turning off your computer when you are in situations that it is possible for someone to gain physical access to your machine, in addition to setting your Mac to hibernate mode 0. In addition to whole disk encryption, PGP Desktop provides a slew of security-oriented features.

PGP Shred securely deletes anything you want and depending on your settings, can exceed the Department of Defense's It's not as entertaining as popping CDs in the microwave when the Feds are knocking, but it gets the job done. Speaking of the Feds, the Federal Trade Commission recently launched OnGuard Online , a site providing consumers tips on protecting themselves from online fraud and securing computers.

It does not involve changing the way one works with their computer nor does it affect performance.

Symantec Drive Encryption Recovery for Mac OS X

Install a fresh OS X on your new drive. Patch to the same level as your old drive. Install WDE and whatever else you need. Start Time Machine again to back up to that disk. Bill Weiss Bill Weiss 8, 2 31 That's a great idea. I'm still waiting for an answer from someone who has actually done it, however. But you still get my up-vote.

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I did this with a Mac, just with different software than PGP. Similar enough?

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  • It's worth trying while you wait for another answer: Actually, now that I think about it, I'm a bit concerned that this technique won't get "everything" from the Time Machine backup e.