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The other two semi-finalists -- Dhao Mac Macasipot and dance group Higher Level Kids -- are expected to take the stage on Sunday. "Dance.
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The dust reddened the skies over Sydney and turned air quality hazardous over parts of New South Wales. Ambitious tree-planting programs and intensified agriculture have led to more land area covered in vegetation. Weeks of rainfall pounded Queensland in January and February , causing destructive flooding in the region.

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Image of the Day Land Human Presence. Image of the Day Land Remote Sensing.

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Image of the Day Human Presence. Image of the Day Remote Sensing Landslides. In case you missed it, here is a quick look at some of the big stories we didn't cover during the impasse. Snow and Ice. Heat Water. Atmosphere Land Water Snow and Ice. The bitter cold that gripped the eastern half of the United States has been replaced by record-warmth.

The past five years have been the warmest years in the modern record, and 18 of the 19 warmest years have occurred since These maps show the average amount of water vapor in a column of atmosphere by month. Water vapor is the key precursor for rain and snow and one of the most important greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. These maps depict anomalies in land surface temperatures LSTs ; that is, how much hotter or cooler a region was compared to the long-term average. LST anomalies can indicate heat waves or cold spells. Heat Land. These maps depict monthly total rainfall around the world.

Rainfall is the primary source of fresh water for humans, plants, and animals. Rain also moves heat between the atmosphere, oceans, and land. Land surface temperatures rise and fall with the heat of the Sun, and they represent how hot or cold the surface would feel to touch. These maps show daytime land temperatures as measured from space.

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Q4 , Sources: IGN acquires Humble Bundle, the digital game and media store that benefits charities. IGN's three-person Snapchat content team makes 14 pieces a day for the platform. For instance, a transaction could be redeemable only after a certain period of time, or only once two users give their blessing. And finally, it could also allow for increased scaling potential, since it enables less data to be stored on the blockchain. Getting to those benefits, though, means fusing together two technical features: In an email addressing bitcoin developers, Friedenbach outlines three Bitcoin Improvement Proposals BIPs , including the code, for adding two scripts that would make it possible for users to take advantage of MAST.