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iCamViewer iPhone app compatible IP camera manufacturers: Shop for other surveillance equipment that supports remote camera viewing from iPhone, iPad, and Mac Quelques ratés à la connexion, et même pas possible de visualiser à .
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GoProMote v1.0 Mac OS X app pour GoPro Hero4 / Hero3+ / Hero3 / Hero+

Thanx for the app.. Any thoughts? I have just downloaded and installed this excellent app V0. Cam is recognized, OK movie, but the preview does not work as well as the display of the battery charge bar. The requested URL was not found on this server. I want to use the gopro in a hard to access location, so getting the images back to the air is kind of essential. Je suis sur MacO Pouvez vous me renseigner? Donc, le mac ne voit pas du tout la wifi de la gopro. Merci, Cedric aussi: Merci de votre attention! Great work! Hello, i want to embed the m3u8 address inside a. Re, est-ce cette page fonctionne pour vous?

It seems to work after all.

New MAC Camera Software Tools

But not completely. Also, can I control the settings with your software? I believe that I cannot be connected to both my mac laptop and an iPhone. Is that right? What about the GoPro remote controller?

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Could I use that simultaneously with a connection to the mac? This software looks really great. I can get the preview to work but none of the controls. Do I need to wait until you make a version of gopromote appropriate for this version of the latest Gopro system? If I downloaded the wrong version initially and attempted to open it, did it set preferences somewhere I need to delete before the 0. I need help here. Hi, The version I downloaded is identified as version 0. Application Specific Information: It give me the message: Can you give me some insite in english?

Hi, sorry but it semmes the latest version 0. Thanks for that.

Un logiciel de vidéosurveillance simplifiée

It would be awesome if you add downloading and deleting files. Quand on va sur cette adresse url on obtient le message suivant: Cherokee web server 1. Bonjour guys! Sorry for my french.. Mon hero2 et wfi bacpac sont up-to-date, je peux utiliser tous les fonctions de gopromote avec aucun problem mais PREVIEW ne marche pas! Je serai tres heuruex si tu peux trouver une solution!

Hey, Awesome work you got going here. Have you considered releasing your project on an open-source, contributing platforms such as Github? Merci Cedric! Par contre avec Quicktime November, October, Have any questions?

Xeoma - best video surveillance software [official page] by FelenaSoft

Home Shop. Find a Distributor Become a Distributor. Factory Corner. Windows OS: Windows 64 version: Click Here! MacOS X version Apple computers: Get My Latest Posts Subscribe to get the latest updates. PTZ tracking, vehicle license plate recognition ANPR for Europe, UK, USA and CIS countries , face recognition, face and objects blur, visitors counter, detectors of crowd, objects, smoke, sound, abandoned items, sabotage; search for motion events in archive by time or zones, integration with external devices and smart home systems.

Export of extracts from the archive in various formats, possibility to make intervals undeletable, simultaneous view and export of several archives at once, SMS notifications, upload to and from FTP, support for dual streaming, simultaneous recording to several disks, and much more. Wherever you are, you can view your cameras and control Xeoma remotely. Even without static external IP address.

Quick addition of up to per server, any camera resolution 10Mpix and higher , easy management, support for LDAP, network clustering, fine tune access permissions, creation of your own cloud service — stable work of the system even without supervision. Minimum hardware requirements. Let us know! Free rebranding and customization.

GV-VMS - VMS - Logiciel de gestion vidéo - Produits - GeoVision

Integration with your billing and license generation as you go. Special discounts for hardware manufacturers. Free demo licenses for tests and comprehensive assistance from our Support Team.

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Xeoma has been installed in a number of banks, airports, insurance companies and factories around the world. FelenaSoft is looking for partners — security camera installers, security system engineers, security eqipment manufacturers, telecommunications providers, dealers and resellers — from all over around the world. Please contact us! Xeoma Lite is a simplified version of the Xeoma video surveillance program for small and medium size business and home users.

In Xeoma Lite, you can connect up to 4 sources with 6 modules per chain. Xeoma Standard is a basic program for video surveillance with an ideal set of functions. Perfect for small and medium business. Connect an unlimited number of sources, create individual recording conditions using a variety of available modules for each camera. Xeoma Pro is a professional video surveillance program with an advanced set of functions. It is perfect for equipping factories, airports and other large enterprises. Xeoma Pro includes other editions advantages, all previous versions limitations are available in Xeoma Pro.

February 12, New Xeoma beta See details.